Animal Care

We love our pets deeply, they are our family, best friend and also have a place in our hearts (and our laps!).

The gentle formulas used within Forever’s specialist range not only benefit us humans, but also allow you to lovingly care for your pet and give them an added boost from the inside.

All products are of course never ever ever tested on animals, are gluten free and Vegan friendly.

Reviewed by Toby, a fussy mini Dachshund from London. Result: Loved it!
All reviewed by Toby, a fussy mini Dachshund from London. Result: Loved it!

Dog Breath? As much as you love those doggy kisses, sometimes the smell is just too much to bear! But poor poochy only wants to show you how much they love you, so here’s an idea, why not let them borrow some of your Forever Bright Toothgel. This all natural toothgel is just great for your pets! Not only will they love the taste but they will have lovely fresh kissy breath and you will also be protecting their teeth and gums. Can be used on a doggy toothbrush or with your fingers directly – a great way to get your dog used to your hands near its mouth as they will be happy for the treat.

Scrub up well? While your pet may think it’s doing a fine job of cleaning itself with it’s tongue, sometimes they need some help to look the million dollars that they are worth. Our Aloe Hand & Face Soap doesn’t just make you smell and feel lovely, but also your furry friend can get the beautiful look they have always wanted! [read:never thought about]. This soft and delicate soap can be applyed directly to your pet whilst bathing.

To achieve that extra special glossy and conditioned coat our Aloe Veterinary Formula spray can be applied after bathing your pet and can even be diluted to cleanse irritated eyes or clean dirty ears. Easy to spray on for those animals that don’t like bath-time and of course 100% natural and safe for your pet.

Other Aloe products designed for our furry friends include:
Deodorant: for horses – apply to nose to keep the flys away.
Aloe Gelly: helps wound infection or problem skin in all animals (well maybe not fish)
Plus many many more!