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My story: I am happy when the people I have helped are happy and these are all real life examples of people that our products have helped! My own story is that of the C9 and Shampoo. My two personal favorite products.

The shampoo has made my hair thicker and given it much needed life that I had been looking for for years! It’s the little things that can really make a difference to how you feel. But then there are the big things, the huge life changing things that can happen, my husband doing the C9 was just that. He was hugely skeptical of it and I had to buy it for him and convince him to do it as a way of supporting me, and boy is he glad I made him do it! Just 6 weeks and 31lbs (approx 14kgs!!) lost later his life has changed so much for the better and so has mine. From day 1 of the C9 he stopped snoring! A miracle! But with the weight loss and healthier lifestyle we no longer need to worry about his health so much.

Natties story: This is how I discovered Forever Living. NAttie had been suffering for many years with an auto-immune disorder categorised by skin lesions. It got to a point where she could not leave the house. They were painful and grotesque. Hundreds of trips to various doctors around the world, years of being on all sorts of antibiotics that didn’t work, then, a C9 arrived. I had suggested it to her as a last resort, although she was sceptical. But it changed her life. Since those 9 days on the cleanse, she has kept up with the aloe gel drinking and changed all old skin products for Forever Aloe products. The change is extraordinary, the lesions are 80% gone, a first in 6 years!

Marys story: Mary reluctantly completed the C9 cleanse, she isn’t fat, but her friends were doing it and she wanted to be involved. She not only felt great and less lethargic but she had a blood test just afterwards and was told that her cholesterol levels had DROPPED from 6.1 down to 4.9. She was ecstatic as her GP wanted to prescribe drugs to reduce her cholesterol levels. Her GP was dumbfounded and asked her to give him details of how she did this. Incredible.

Real people, real stories. A proven formula that has worked for the last 37 years can’t be wrong.


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